This is not spam.
This is a revolutionary way of dealing with it!
Please do not hang up...
Send them this link. They can look for a normal job there
AM 8:00
30% discount with a code “LastCall”
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по промоку «Последний Звонок»
I just got another spam call! I keep blocking them, but that doesn’t help
AM 8:00
AM 8:00
Nice Idea
They can find themselves a new profession.
Finally, they’ll benefit society and earn some decent money
AM 8:00
Why don’t they stop annoying people and get
a normal job?
AM 8:00
AM 8:00
Now it is even easier with Oleg from Tinkoff handling everything for you.
Oleg will find a personal approach to any spam caller and engage them in a witty way.
The recording and transcription of the conversation will be sent by the secretary to your Telegram.
Oleg loves to talk to spam callers. Oleg will answer their calls if you are offline or if you simply don’t want to answer.
А что если спамер по
какой-то причине не может сменить профессию?
career consultation at 8 (800) 222-12-89
карьерную консультацию
They can call the Skillbox hotline
and get a free
AM 8:00
Asking for a friend
AM 8:00
AM 8:00
Skillbox doesn’t spam.

We can only call you if you have permitted us to do so, and only at a time that is convenient for you.
If we call without your consent, write to the support service or call the hotline on 8 (800) 222-12-89. We'll make sure this doesn't happen again.
бесплатную карьерную консультацию
What if a spammer can't change his career for some reason?
and get a free career consultation at 8 (800) 222-12-89
How does the Skillbox call center work?
How does the Skillbox call center work?
How is the data made available?
Мне опять позвонил спамер! Бесит, блокирую, но не помогает
Every day, we all share personal data: we subscribe to loyalty programs, services, register on websites, and agree to the processing of personal data. When you perform these actions, you agree that your data may be forwarded to third-party partners. This rule applies in almost all cases of signing an offer contract.
How does Skillbox get data?
On the pages of our site we have a pixel that reads your cookies and finds your data in the partners' databases. If you visit our site and spend some time there, the pixel can recognize you and you will receive a call from the operator within 24 hours. The data we see is anonymous. If you ask to be contacted later with more details about Skillbox products, the operators will specify your first name, last name, and phone number. It's simple: we do not see your data, only the encrypted code.
Why don't we call you?
The pixel is not installed on the main Skillbox page, only courses and professions pages. We do not receive your data if you logged in and did not fill out the feedback form. The pixel is set on courses and professions pages.
How to refuse calls from operators?
It's very simple: when you receive a call from the operator, you can ask to exclude your data. Your data will be removed from the database within 24 hours. If you change your mind and want to contact the support team, simply fill out the feedback form on the website.
What happens to the data next?
Skillbox stores your data in the CRM system and does not share it with anyone. This information is completely confidential.
Мне опять позвонил спамер! Бесит, блокирую, но не помогает
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